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The Natural Menopause Solution brings you an amazing leap forward in weight loss for midlife women. It's called the 30-Day Slim-Down, Cool-Down Diet.

This diet has a unique combination of foods that contain calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and lean protein. Researchers found that working together, these four nutrients resulted in 6X faster weight loss for perimenopausal and menopausal women, compared with other diets.

You see results FAST: Fat-burning results kick in after just one breakfast!

There is no deprivation: You eat delicious real foods in portions that satisfy. Yes, real cheese, real mayo, real chocolate … real potatoes, pasta, and red meat … and some of the most wonderful desserts ever known to womankind.

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Women who tried the 30-Day Slim-Down, Cool-Down Diet achieved dramatic weight loss without supplements, without counting calories, without strenuous exercise. Now you can learn how they did it FREE for 21 days.

  • The smoothie that slimsThe Smoothie That Slims! This slimming, cooling smoothie is the easiest, most delicious way on Earth to trigger rapid weight loss in menopausal women. All the nutrients you need are in the smoothie! Page 85
  • Try the mouthwatering ice cream, cherries, and nut snack that trims belly fat 6X faster. Page 141
  • Love a glass of wine? It's NOT off-limits. In fact, it can help boost your levels of magnesium for a weight loss boost. Page 47
WOW! Amy lost 21/2 pounds from her stomach! “I'm finally losing fat!”

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Lose Weight and Banish Unwanted Menopausal Symptoms the Natural Way!

The Natural Menopause Solution is bursting with proven, natural methods to melt away stubborn midlife pounds, blast off belly fat, and provide relief from hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, low mood, and more. See for yourself!

  • Night sweats? These cookies keep hot flashes away day and night! Get the easy recipe on page 93.
  • The little muffin that cut hot flashes in half.
  • A secret to younger-looking skin? Peanuts! The book has details!
  • Build beautiful, strong bones by eating these brownies. Page 140
  • The secret of a good night's sleep is in this supplement. No, it's NOT melatonin. Page 229
  • Could you use a little more sex in your life? The trick to quickly overcoming vaginal dryness is in this capsule. Page 268
  • The brain-boosting herb that improves both memory and thinking. Page 258
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